Samsung/Mitsubishi/Toshiba 4719-001997 DLP Chip BrandNew

Jun 6, 2015
Samsung/Mitsubishi/Toshiba 4719-001997 DLP Chip BrandNew

If you have black vertical bars or a broken mosaic picture after a new DLP chip installation, the DMD/Formatter should be changed. TV Part Types: Chip TV Models: Samsung HL67A510J1FXZ HL67A510J1FXZA HLT5089SX/XAA HL67A750A1FXZA HL67A750A1FXZC RE01 HL67A750A1FXZC 0001 HL72A650C1FXZA HLS5087WX/XAA HLS5687WX/XAA HLS6187WX/XAA HL61A750A1FXZC RE01 HL50A650C1FXZA HL56A650C1FXZA HL61A650C1FXZA HL61A750A1FXZA HLT5055WX/XAA HLT5076SX/XAA HLT6176SX/XAC PH01 HLT6187SAX/XAA HLT6187SX/XAA HLT6189SX/XAA HLT6756WX/XAA HLT6756WX/XAC PF01 HLT7288WX/XAA HLT6176SX/XAA HLT6156WX/XAA HLT5689SX/XAA HLT5076SX/XAC PH01 HLT5087SX/XAA HLT5656WX/XAA 0001 HLT5656WX/XAC PF01 HLT5676SX/XAA HLT5676SX/XAC PH01 HLT5687SAX/XAA HLT5687SX/XAA Mitsubishi WD-73742 WD-65736 WD-82737 WD-82738 WD-82838 WD-C657 WD-Y577 WD-Y657 WD-75837 WD-57733 WD-65638 WD-65731 WD-65733 WD-65734 WD-65735 WD-65737 WD-65738 WD-65833 WD-60C9 WD-60C8 WD-60837 WD-57734 WD-57833 WD-60638 WD-60733 WD-60735 WD-60737 WD-60738 WD-60833 WD-65835 WD-65837 WD-73833 WD-73835 WD-73837 WD-73838 WD-73840 WD-73C11 WD-73C12 WD-73C8 WD-73738 WD-73737 WD-73736 WD-65838 WD-65C8 WD-65C9 WD-73638 WD-73640 WD-73733 WD-73734 WD-73735 WD-73C9 Toshiba 57HM167 65HM167. The item “Samsung/Mitsubishi/Toshiba 4719-001997 DLP Chip BrandNew” is in sale since Friday, June 05, 2015. This item is in the category “Consumer Electronics\TV, Video & Home Audio\TV, Video & Audio Parts\TV Boards, Parts & Components”. The seller is “kmarketing2012″ and is located in Sun City, California. This item can be shipped to United States, to Canada, to United Kingdom, DK, RO, SK, BG, CZ, FI, HU, LV, LT, MT, EE, to Australia, GR, PT, CY, SI, to Japan, to China, SE, KR, ID, to Taiwan, ZA, TH, to Belgium, to France, to Hong Kong, to Ireland, to Netherlands, PL, to Spain, to Italy, to Germany, to Austria, RU, IL, to Mexico, to New Zealand, PH, SG, to Switzerland, NO, SA, UA, AE, QA, KW, BH, HR, TR, CL, CO, CR, DO, PA, TT, GT, SV, HN, JM.
  • Type: DLP CHIP
  • Compatible Model: 4719-001997 1910-6143W 1910-6103W 1610-6145W
  • MPN: 4719-001997 1910-6143W 1910-6103W 1610-6145W
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

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